The Brandt Implant

A website dedicated to those patients considering a penile implant with Dr. Todd D. Brandt.

I am Dr Todd Brandt, a board-certified urologist practicing in Woodbury and St Paul Minnesota. This website is dedicated to men considering a penile implant for treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Many men have erectile dysfunction that requires treatment. Many will progress through medication, vacuum devices, and penile injections as their erectile dysfunction becomes more severe. Then men are faced with the decision of when and if to choose the surgical option of a penile implant.

A penile implant is a permanent solution for a man suffering with erectile dysfunction and offers an erection whenever and wherever desired. It is a great solution for men who have exhausted other options. Penile implants are safe, reliable and have a very high satisfaction among those men who choose the procedure.

This website is intended to be a resource for patients being seen and treated by me within my practice. It is not medical advice about you or your specific condition. Information you find here may not apply to your specific condition, hospital, or specific surgical technique or practice employed by your surgeon.